The Hate of Freedom is the Freedom of Hate

This has been on my mind for a while now, the hypocrisy of people yelling for freedoms and human rights. But it seems to be only the rights they care about. Not only do people not care about others oppression but it seems, as of late, they have become the main oppressors in society. Gay and Lesbian activist have been fighting for the right to allow people to choose what they feel is right. But  the moment anyone says they are wrong, they start grabbing their picket signs. Or black americans all up in arms over racial inequalities happening to them, but i constantly hear blacks talking about how we should kill all the arabs. People as a whole are ignorant, i get that. But we need to start learning what it means to hate someone versus disagreeing with them. I am under a steady attack from the vegan community about being a meat eater yet working to support animals. I have never said i hate vegans, NOR do i truly disagree with their dietary choice. But time and time again i get hate mail saying how i couldnt POSSIBLY love animals if i eat them. Listen here you monkeys eating meat is what humans do! i’m not going to get into that in this post though. I can see how easy dictators come into power now. Its not by hostile take over, but by saying you’re all about love and a better life, then when you get the power you kill anyone who oppose you and calling THEM terrorist and a threat to your freedom. When all along its you who are the evil bigots.

Take for instance when the CEO of Chick-fil-a saying

“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.”

and what do the gays do??? rally, picket, protest, and send death threats…

WHAT PART OF THAT SAID HATE? Or we dont serve your kind? Why does everyone have to agree with your personal stance and if they dont they are evil? Even more so how can you protest in america then call middle eastern protesting “nonsense” and “radical”

But i’m getting a little to broad and less personal..

My personal struggle that brought all this up started with the vegans. When i was growing up the vegan stereotype was basically the progressive hippie. They were all about peace and conservation. But nowadays they are social terrorist attacking everyone who eats anything that can wiggle on its on. And they have spread their ternary beyond diets. They want you to change your entire life style and views on animal rights.  I have surprisingly gotten so much hate mail telling me how  evil I am for working and supporting a zoo. They Try and make me feel sorry and change my ways.. well they can suck it. People have the right to live how ever they damn well please within the laws so guess what

But people dont seem to understand freedom. People think freedom is to do whats right. Freedom means to do what you want whether it be to eat what you want, where what clothes you choose and hate who you choose. It might be morally wrong but thats not what we are discussing here. The choice to hate and the choice to hate those that hate is the same choice. Both are Freedoms that can not be denied


I am going to hell for this one

so besides trying to maintain 2 blogs on tumblr, and a real blog here(which i need to go update..) I also have a google+conservation community that i helped start with my mentor rick schawtz aka zoo keeper rick. 

With over 5000 members we get submissions hourly!

So this kid just sent me a video submission titled “Real way to stop global warming” ok… i’ll bite… push play and its a home vid of him talking about and idea to have specific farming cities domed to control the release of green house gases…Crazy as that sounds thats not why i feel bad, the second he starts talking all i hear is his speech impediment. and i dont mean just a simple lisp. This kid is in full on  Elmer Fudd Speak! to the point where i had to stop the vid 20seconds in because i’m laughing and cant understand what he’s trying to say.

I feel bad because i used to have a small speech problem in grade school, something called a weak r where my Rs were Ws which is what this kid has times five. I tried to continue but his Ws are everywhere!! I mean when he said “Wivestock would wive on wevels in skyscwapas” I almost died

I finally held it together to the end of the 3 minute video only for him at the end to put his mic down(yes he had a microphone) and say 

“Cowing up newxt we will be talking about time trawvle” 

so i had HAD to go checkout the other vids. AND THIS KID HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!? granted he only has 3 subscribers but still. he has a season one and started season two of his little web series with interviews at the end of season one he said he will give us more cool green screwn 

LMAO !! i have  to give the kid props, he is really serious about wanted to save the plant and will probably join green peace when he gets old enough. But he would be the one to WANT to be ma-ti

Big Bruce Dies a Heros death…

Well as many of you know my truck, aka Big Bruce, might have taken his last breath today. .. But if it indeed was, it was a warriors death.Image

Back story for those who dont know; Big Bruce is my Dodge Ram truck. my battleship. we have been to hell and back. I have sank him in water, hit trees, and pulling shit FAR larger then 1/2ton. This has weighed heavily on his heart. and lead to tranny issues which i fixed and more recently loss of compression to multiple cylinders… I have been taking it easy on the country boy truck life and driving like a city boy until i could get another engine

So it has been raining elephants and emus here in Georgia lately and on my way home I saw a car down in a ditch. This is a regular occurrence around atlanta, some atliens are horrible drivers. As i drive closer i see the interior light is on and think to myself “whoa, this must have just happened!?” and sure enough when i get even closer i see a head moving in the back seat and then i see someone walking up the street.

Now i have a constant struggle within myself about things like this.

 confession: I pick up hitchhikers. yes, i think ALL people should pick them up! i mean these people are walking down dangerous streets. usually just trying to get home.

Everyone always tries to warn me about stopping for people on the side of the road which makes me second guess my policy on picking people up. So i actually drove past a little but then thought “fuck that, I’m going to help.” So i bust a U-turn and pull up to the guy walking. He tells me  he lives around the corner and was going to get his car and the woman in the car, his friend, is calling the cops. I told him that the cops will take forever and that theres water getting in his engine, we need to get it up now. I immediately start kicking myself, I mean i wanna help, but bruce is pretty much running 5cylinders with 40% treads on the tires, i have got NO business helping. I cant help it though, I like to help, i like to do manly things, and I like showing off. We go back to the car. by now it feels like the rain has gotten harder…. I pull out my toe straps a tell the guy make sure they arent hooked to anything but the frame. Im not going down there, i am in stacy adams and khaki slacks i’m not getting in the mud. After hooking up i hop in the truck and give bruce a pep talk.

ok bruce we just need to yank this car out and i’ll take you for some premium gas. so let just do this and be done

Starting off slowly because i’m not sure where this guy put the straps but i have yanked bumpers off. After a few tugs i felt it was good and tight AND this car is really stuck! By this time the cops have showed up, turn the lights on, and is causing a scene. talk about pressure. Third times a charm right? Wrong. one of my straps popped. Good grief.  maybe this might be more than i thought i could handle(and i thought i could handle a lot!) so we move the straps and use my winch cable. This time i’m going for gold. I put some slack in the rope and gun it! The truck bucks as the ditch refuses to let go of this little car But i feel bruce slowly moving. Then the wheels lose grip, now i’m burning rubber, bruce is yelling as we slowly disappear into our own cloud of pride smoke BUT we are moving! And sure enough out comes the car! I get out trying to control my pride because inside i’m doing the captain morgan pose. I shake everyones hand and take only their gratitude then hop in the truck only to see a blinking CEL(Check Engine Light). All my gear heads out there have just gasped in horror because we all know that means catastrophic failure. Fortunately i was about a block from the house so we limped home rolled into the driveway and opened my dyno appto test the engine and got this msg


MULTIPLE MISFIRES!!! my truck has basically become a 4cylinder. i turn it off and go i the house. This morning he wouldnt turn over. just turn the key and nothing…he gave his life helping others.



The Idiotic Idiosyncrasies of an Insane Individual I can call I


You know what #GrindsMyGears women who tell me I’m “Too Perfect”. 1st no such thing, its ether perfect or its not(but that’s besides the point….) 2ndly why must I be hiding something?? Why can’t I be myself and you like that end of story? Why must there be a flaw for you to see and say “Ah HA!, There it is… Something I don’t like about you” it is crazy to date a person with the intent to find what’s wrong with them… I mean I understand, you want to know so you don’t invest you heart in it only to get blindsided by something you can’t handle. But to be SO suspiciously captivated by ones good will intend to the point where you can’t even enjoy a simple complement, because you don’t know if I meant it or I say stuff like that to everyone. SO, WHAT IF I DID SAY IT TO EVERYONE?!?! I SAY GOODNIGHT TO EVERYONE THAT DOESN’T MEAN I CARELESS ABOUT YOU HAVING A BAD NIGHT OR NOT!!  im calm, im calm… But you know what, its not going to stop me one bit. I think you’re beautiful, I’m going to tell you. If you make me smile I’ll smile. If I like your face. I touch your face. Now I’m not saying I don’t lie. Cuz I’ve been known to fib a bit. But its more of omittance or skirting the truth to spare ones feelings.. NOT saying that’s better, just saying Im not hiding myself from you. I just believe that a conversation with someone you are attracted to should an enjoyable one. You should leave it blushing and gushing with all types of mushy gooey lovey dovey feelings. But instead you get off the phone like you just had a conversation with Dr. Lecter. I’m being punished for my eloquence here people! But Its ok. I have devised a pretty entertaining way to help alleviate SOME(I can’t do all cuz clearly there’s some personal crap you need to handle on your on)of the suspicion off me. I have decided to blog about what I feel are my main short comings. Why I am still single; What are my flaws; Why am I so calm about everything; you know the things FutureMrsRacer is trying to figure out before she’s realizes I am I and she should be she. So without further ado I give you,
The Idiotic Idiosyncrasies of an Insane Individual I can call I:
1. I Brush my teeth with hot water. It started as a joke with myself(which in itself is crazy), if I want my teeth extra clean i should use hot water…. But I did it so many times till now I can’t use cold water at all!!

2.I flush the toilet right after I start peeing. I know its starting to seem like a play in the bathroom a lot. But this ones to the contrary of that fact! When I was just a lil racer the last place I liked being was the bathroom. I was certain I’d miss something on tv and usually someone has been there before me and was not kind :-/ so to offset this I would try and time myself just right til where the second I stopped that’s when the las swirl went down… Well I got good at it until my bladder grew.. I’m trying to break the habit but its so unconscious before I realize I’m flushing its to late then I have to flush again…

3. If you do not know what the brachial plexus is then NO you can not give me a massage. There is literally 3 millimeters between pleasure and pain and so I’d rather not take that chance just so you can pretend to rub me. AND YES I’m being an ass about this. Matter a fact 

4. I’m an asshole. 

5. Don’t ask for my advising if you’re not going to take it. I KNOW I KNOW. It’s advise not law so you still have to make your own choice. But it just feels like a slap in the face or calling me wrong to not do what I tell you is right..

6. Meet and Greets should be organic… Call me a hopeless romantic or that I watch too much tv. But I just refuse to approach a random woman without warning or just cause. I like the “bump into” or the “random how are you doing startup” but the club pickup or any pickup for that matter, just doesn’t really vibe with my brand of swagger. which if you let the superfriends tell it, has lead to a lot of missed opportunities.

7. I’m slow apparently. I LIKE TO THINK OF IT AS DELIBERATE. I choose my words and actions carefully so there is no discretion about what I’m trying to get out of this relationship.. now I can’t help that sometimes the responses I get are unclear which makes me take a step back instead of forward. MAYBE FUTUREMRSRACER NEEDS TO GET HER HEAD IN THE GAME!!

8. Or should I say 7b…. My last post only leads into this post.. I pick slow women. Definitely NOT on purpose.. like I said earlier I’m slow with purpose. These women are slow of indecision… They can’t decide “what they want from me” “do they really love me” and “is it worth putting our friendship on the line” … YES. but I am too patient and understanding So I’ve sat… and waited… And still waiting(unofficially)…

9. I live with my mother. Although this is temporary and the superfriends have assured me its fine. I cannot lie it is a blow to my confidences to not be where I want to be financially. But my financial goal is to stay out of debt so this is a sacrifice for that goal woman or not.  AND my plans are only 6months behind so FutureMrsRacer can practice a wee bit of patients… She’s made me wait this long -__- But I am a firm believer that a man shouldn’t be seriously dating a woman he can take care of. now if you just fooling around that fine 😉

10. Im kinda lazy

and on that note i don’t want to type anyomore so you’ll just have to learn the rest like regular folks and go down this unpredictable road and chance heart break. but i promise i wont break your heart.

11. i keep my promises 😉 

The Call: Facebook Is Dead In Five Years (FB, GOOG, YHOO)

24/7 Wall St.

One analyst has a serious call against Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) calling for the company to be dead in five years to eight years.  Ironfire Capital founder Eric Jackson made the call.  Dead does not exactly translate to ‘bankruptcy’ but his take is one which the Facebook nation might want to consider.  This is a call that is not exactly breaking news, but it falls right into the ongoing pessimism against this company as CNBC featured Jackson’s call today.

Facebook won’t be able to evolve and this third wave of web companies is likely to fall out the success down the road.  Jackson even noted a risk to Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) over the next five years.  He thinks that the world of just typing search into a box on your PC is going away and that Google was very slow into entering social media. His call is not that…

View original post 136 more words

Is RonRacer straddling the Gay Pole??(metaphorically speaking of Course)

You know i got a few msgs inboxed to me over on tumblr that i just felt was too important and too detailed for miniblogging(WHICH is what tumblr is for)…. So I thought I’d revive my Grown up Blog to tackle grown up subjects….


first up: Legalization of Gay Marriage…

Ok so i got a Anonymous asking how i really feel about Gays and Gay marriage?

Back Story: 

I usually try and stay out of these convos at work. but one day one of my gay friends tagged me in his fight on the subject matter… i guess he thought since we were so cool i felt the same he did. but when i kinda botched the answer(or at least the answer he thought i would give) i got a “coincidental” anon…. -__-

If… IF, i just HAD to pick a side of the fence its a simple choice… Homosexuality is wrong. there i said it. Deal with it…..

can i finish? can i finish?

BUT if you ask me to explain how i feel about gays thats a bit more complicated.So here’s the break down of how i feel about everything Homo…

1.Genetics v. Choice

   IMO(remember this is just MY OPINION) to say “This is how I was born” is a bit of a stretch… i mean sexual orientation whether is gay, straight, blonde, black, short, fat, is all personal preference… But i had a slight epiphany one day when having a candid discussion about this. Because we’ve all had that one kid in grade school that was always a bit “off”. I, Myself(Back then) didnt think too much of it… just thought dude like playing with girls more than boys… no sweat off my back kid didnt own a 5spd huffy aint no friend a mines no way. But back then i couldnt even spell homosexual let along tell you what it meant. YET heres one right in front of me playing house while the rest of us play cowboys and Indians?? So genetics has to have something to do with it right?? RIGHT?! well i’m willing to say its possible to be predispose for the gay lifestyle… But just like “natural born” athletes still have to make the choice to become an athlete and train to hone said genetic gift , i feel like its STILL a choice to join a specific lifestyle. i mean i dont care HOW much genetic or hormonal influence is over a kid. a dick in the butt is a choice!

2.Is Being Gay Wrong.

   well… Heres whats wrong with American Society.. There are just too many interchangeable words.. wrong is just too elementary of a word which could lead people to jump to bad or even worse EVIL. I wouldnt say being Gay is wrong, but certainly a perversion of sorts. i mean come on people, stop being sensitive and stick to the facts. Sex, copulation, IS at its core for procreation and reproduction of the species which means if you are having sex with ANYTHING else besides the opposite sex, you are perverting the act. theres NO arguing that fact this is not a opinion so dont even try. sex makes babies and two people of the same sex can do that. end of story. shut up!

3.Are Gay People Going to hell?

  The hell if I know… Pray about it.

      -__- ….


       FINE… lets talk about it…. Ok honestly, i dont want to say ive been struggling with my own religious awakening, more like just trying to get a higher understanding of it. I DO however hate it when people with random ailments say “God made me this way”…. OK and your crackhead parents, or polluted environment had NOTHING to do with it huh?? God just wanted to switch it up a bit?? PLEASE PEOPLE, spare me. To assume God does both good thing for us and then Turns around and does the bad things negated the need for a devil… i mean the devil does all this crap then you guys come around and blame God. because it would give said tragedy a better purpose?? really? that like me getting shot, turning around to see my mother and thinking ok its cool, she had a good reason x_x #Dead

4.Do You Like Gay People

    I believe thing like Sexual orientation and Religious background should be treated the same as political party choices.. just cuz a mans gay doesnt make them a bad person, NOT LIKING PORK DOES. but in all seriousness i am good friends with plenty homos. they are cool peoples. sexual orientation doesnt change personalities just who go to bed with…   

5.Do You Think Gay People should Get Married

   Yes. Now after reading all that crap i wrote above it would SEEM like im against homosexuality… and i am. BUT, can i finish? can i finish? but, im against homosexuality on a scientific level and a religious level NOT on a political level. what does that mean you say?? that means i dont agree with saying gay is natural or jesus is cool with it but that shouldnt stop you from doing what makes you happy. which is what the freedoms of america are about.  The reason i believe firmly in this country is because of the freedoms it allows. Because of these freedoms we are allowed to do what we love, explore what others love and learn why the hell would they love that!?!

6. Are you a tea party memeber?

Really -__-… no. i am a republican. I do however understand the radical rights notions that this law could “lead to people marrying animals.”  i mean seriously think about it for a moment… Homosexuals are arguing that they are born this way and they cant help who they love… who’s to say that inter-species relationships arent “natural”?? why do we stop pedophiles from loving teens? they cant help who they love ether right??? imagine you have a great idea of a smoothie shop where people can make their own one of a kind smoothies called U-Smooth-All or USA for short(see what i did there;). Now you imagined as you were reading what i wrote all you favorite flavors, and maybe some that arent your fav but you know of… now imaginie you open and someone comes in and wants to make yak tripe, apple, and cheesy eggs. yea gross! but you said U-Smooth-ALL. so you cant stop them right?? then someone brings a live puppy and want you to blend it cuz they like fresh warm puppy blood sauce… Now you realize… there HAS to be rules.. Limits.. but where do we stop?? what do we or dont we allow?? AND WHO SAYS WHAT IS ALLOWABLE???


aaaaaahhhh you get it now huh…. Welcome to USA.   

Hulu exlcuvise?? Naw its just BBC(But Dam its good tv)

First Let me start my return to blog with what all my followers follow me for anyway… random ranting.. 


WHO THE HELL IS Antonia Thomas AND WHY THE HELL HAVENT I BEEN WATCH HER MY ENTIRE LIFE!?! i dont care if that sounds stalkerish this girl is drop dead gorgeous!! hear me now @AntoniaLThomas although i dont follow or subscribe to people i dont know personally i WILL watch everything you make from here on out! and pray you will continue to make shows so that i may watch you(ok too stalkerish back to regular blogging) 

so im trying to catch up on all my shows via hulu, netflix, & fastpass. got all my queues below 100!!! yea yea yea i watch a lot of tv and you read blogs so YOU GET A LIFE! ;P and while watching nura rise of the yokia clan(<~great anime check it out) im noticing hulu trying to cram their “new” hulu exclusive shows down my throat with THREE ads every 10mins!!? what the fuck is that about Hulu Support !? i mean its one thing you guys are trying to trick us into HuluPlus. NOT paying for internet tv. now unlike netflix “you might like” based upon the 6 degrees of kevin bacon, hulu suggestions are pretty good at hooking me on shows. but already being perturb by the ads i shunned the shows when they popped up in my suggestions. Dam hulu trying to launch their on programs I LIKE WHAT I WATCH!!!!

But in an efforts to  slow down my intake on my fav shows, cuz we all know how fustrating it can be to watch a good show whole season nonstop UNINTERUPTED to only ctach up and realize its one episode every week :(, i decide to check out these hulu exclusives, first thing i noticed… THESE ARENT HULU EXCLUSIVES HULU! they are clearly BBC2 shows but sure enough i love them! Dam you Hulu….. and here they are:







first up is a show called spy. a smart comedy about a guy in a custody battle with his ex-wife, when he quits his job. He applies for a job as a civil servant doing data entry, but discovers during the job interview that he has been offered a job as a trainee spy for MI5. think of it as the british verison of chuck but more wit. what really set the show for me is the intellegent son marcus who doesnt find too many funny and is intent on leaving his goofy dad and granting full custody to his mom. its just its first season so with only six episodes under its belt its not one to check out on a saturday when you plan NOT to take a shower and eat cheetos all day. but it is funny and should be subscribed to.




FINALLY we get to my new fav which is misfits with the beautiful @AntoniaLThomas … A group of kids doing community service get struck by lightning during a storm, and begin to develop superpowers. this is a great drak scifi with a bit of humor in it misfits is like what would happen if Heros came on HBO instead of NBC. great cast of gutter looking kids that any of us could relate to who kinda want to do good but want to just be themselves, which is party party party and get wasted. i think the est line to sum up how they think

“If I had YOUR power, I’d rewind time back to 3seconds before i have and orgasm and just live in that moment. ””Well most people would do something like go back and kill hitler”” “well yea, that, BUT then  afterwards the orgasm thing”

the show has just enough gore & sex. and keeps you wanting to watch cuz they always seem to accidentally kill someone. I always say you know a show is good when you get lost in time watching it. i watched 4episodes before i realized the show was an hour long! and with the 3rd season just starting up it is a must add for hulu bums(i mean watchers)

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